Top Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

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Clarksville, Tennessee can be an especially festive area during the holiday season, with plenty of homes decorated in bright Christmas lights and décor. However, hanging Christmas lights incorrectly can sometimes lead to damages to your roof and shingles, and that is not very merry at all. Consider these important tips for hanging Christmas lights without damaging your home’s roof, and you’ll have a happy holiday season!

1.Use the correct hooks. 

Most lights hung along the roof are attached to shingles or gutters. Attaching them properly, with the proper materials, is key to ensuring that your roof suffers no damage. All-purpose hooks typically attach to gutters or shingles easily without causing any damage and can secure almost any type of light strand.

Tip: If possible, just attach lights to gutters, as this minimizes the chances of shingles becoming loose or lifting up too much.

2. Do not put holes in your roof. 

Opting to use a staple gun or nails to attach any sort of decorations to your roof is a bad idea. You might think the holes left by a staple gun are small and inconsequential, but water only needs the tiniest of holes to seep into and cause damage over time.

3. Use weights or zip ties for heavier items. 

If you want to attach a Santa sleigh or other large decoration to your roof, do not use screws or glue. Weighted sandbags or zip ties work better to secure items to the roof without causing any damage.

4. Walk gently. 

Your footwear can also cause damage to your roof. Wear soft sneakers or boots that provide good traction but aren’t at risk of puncturing holes in the roof or cracking shingles. Also take care to step on the bumps of the shingles, rather than in the petals between them.

Lastly, be sure to check all lights before hanging them, and take caution when taking them down as well to avoid damage to both the decorations and your roof.

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