What Is a Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla recently introduced a solar roof, which replaces standard tiles with solar panels designed to look like a traditional roofing material. This move represents another step forward for Tesla’s mission of mainstreaming renewable energy. This product is intended for residential use currently, although Tesla may choose to introduce commercial versions of the tile in the future.

Why Is a Tesla Solar Roof Significant?

One of the biggest barriers for homeowner solar adoption is the aesthetically displeasing nature of the current materials. Large panels interfere with the curb appeal of homes, block visibility of the existing roof tiles, and disrupt the lines of the property.

The Tesla solar roof puts the panels in the tiles, so everything appears seamless. The only way you can see the actual panels is to take a top-down view of the home. From the street-level, everything looks normal. Tesla has introduced four styles to start with: Tuscan glass, slate glass, textured glass and smooth glass.

They’re made from three distinct layers. A high-efficiency solar cell forms the base of the tile material, which is protected by tempered glass. In between these two layers is a color louver film that creates the visual effect that hides the cell material.

How Do Tesla Solar Roofs Help the Environment?

Homeowners with solar roofs generate their own electricity with solar energy, rather than relying on power plants that may use fossil fuels or other unsustainable sources. Since they’re visually appealing solar panels, these roofs also encourage adoption by residential property owners who may have hesitated before.

When Will Tesla Solar Roofs Be Available?

Tesla is opening up a waiting list in April 2017 for homeowners who are interested in purchasing these tiles. The expected delivery date is the end of 2017. Given that Tesla only announced the solar roof project in October 2016, this is a relatively short timespan for a product that could transform roofing materials.

Tesla began its innovative path with its electric cars, and it looks like its solar roofs are going to have a similar impact. While availability may be limited at the beginning of production, these solar roofs stand a strong chance of gaining the same level of traction that Tesla’s automobiles have.

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