Surviving the Storm: Is Your Home Ready for Storm Season?

The southern United States is renowned for the blustery storms each year, especially in Southern Kentucky, Clarksville and Central Tennessee. Is your home prepared for the wrath of storm season? Contact a roofing and water restoration expert to ensure your home is armed and ready for whatever winds come your way. Follow these tips to prepare your home for storm season.

Keep Your Roof Repaired

Roofing materials deteriorate over time, so make sure to assess and repair roof leaks — the sooner, the better. Do this before storm season to curb further damage and prevent subsequent water from entering your home.

Replace Loose Shingles

During a storm, shingles may lift and loosen. Some may blow away, while others serve as a way for moisture, rain or ice to get in and compromise your roof’s integrity. Before foul weather hits, replace loose, damaged or shoddy shingles that could cause leaks later on.

Check Any Flashing

If your flashing is damaged, moisture can get in your home during a storm. In fact, cracked flashing is among the biggest reasons why a roof leaks. These thin pieces of metal serve to support shingles, so if the flashing is exposed to the elements, it can jeopardize your entire roof. Do yourself a favor before windy, rainy weather comes and check out your home’s flashing.

Trim the Trees

Make sure to take time and trim the trees near or hanging over your roof. This prevents potential breakage and damage that flying branches can cause.

Assess Your Gutters

Your home’s gutters move water from the roof, down troughs and away from your home. Assess, clear and clean your gutters before storm season to ensure blockages don’t cause water to seep into your home’s foundation.

Contact a Professional

Do you need your roof repaired, gutters restored or flashing refurbished before storm season? Call a roofing pro in the region and have your roof expertly prepared for the coming weather. Mimms Roofing and Water Restoration serves the Central Tennessee and Southern Kentucky areas, offering estimates and professional service for all your home’s roofing needs.

Don’t risk potential damage to your home’s roof during storm season. Call a professional to evaluate, estimate and service your roof and protect the investment you have in your home.