Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration Graphic Fire Burning

A fire in your home or business can devastate you financially, wipe out your possessions and compromise your livelihood. It can also cause destruction to a place you hold dear.

Once the fire is out, you face the huge task of salvaging your belongings and repairing the damage to your home or store. After a catastrophe as devastating as a fire, it can be difficult to organize and schedule a fire damage restoration. However, it’s important to act quickly in order to salvage as much of your home or business as possible.

Clarksville Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire can cause of number of structural and environmental problems, including smoke damage, water damage, flooding, soot buildup, smoke odors and more. There are also unseen damages and issues, like toxic gases, that can make your home incredibly dangerous after a fire. Even if the damage to your home seems cosmetic, smoke or flames may have weakened weight-bearing structures within the home. It’s also not good to breathe air contaminated with soot or lingering smoke.

Following a fire, it’s important not to enter your home until the fire department has given you the all-clear sign. Contact your home insurance company immediately to get advice on the next steps in your journey to restoration.

Mimms Fire Damage Restoration Services

Mimms of Clarksville is proud to offer highly rated fire restoration services in Clarksville.

Following a fire in your home, we provide the following vital services for restoration:

  • Board Up
  • Contain Affected Areas
  • Inventory, Pack and Clean Contents
  • Clean Structure Using Appropriate Solutions
  • Eliminate All Smoke Odors
  • Rebuilding
  • Return Possessions

If you’ve recently suffered a fire in your home or business, Mimms Roofing and Water Restoration hopes above all that you and your loved ones are unharmed. We understand the intense emotion, sadness and anger you may be feeling. As you navigate this difficult time with family and loved ones, you deserve a restoration company you can depend on. Mimms Roofing and Water Restoration of Clarksville is dedicated to helping individuals like you through this difficult time.

We can help restore your home, salvage your belongings and give you back some of what you held so dear.

Contact us today to learn more about our fire damage restoration services.