Roof Replacement

All roofs need to be replaced over time as they are worn down by sun, wind, rain, hail, snow, lichen or moss, and build up from trees and leaves. The average roof should remain in good condition for 10-15 years although there are many factors that can affect this estimate. Mimm’s Roofing Services will offer a free inspection to address any areas of concern and to give you an honest estimate for repair or full roof replacement.

The roofing contractors at Mimm’s Roofing Services are highly qualified in the industry and undergo strict safety training and certification to ensure that your roof replacement is completed with the best results. One of the biggest contributing factors to the life of a home’s roof is the quality of the components and installation. With precision and skill the roofers at Mimm’s Roofing Services will fully replace your roof and make sure that it will last.

Most home owners aren’t fully aware of the condition of their roofs and wait too long to complete inspections, repairs, or full replacements until additional damage has been done. Around the five or ten year mark you should go up into the attic twice annually and do a simple inspection to look for any tell-tale signs of damage. You should first look for any places with the roof deck is sagging, signs of water damage or leaking, dark spots, or places where outside light is showing through the roof. If any of these indoor checks raise red flags you know that you should certainly contact a roofer at Mimm’s Roofing Services and schedule a full inspection.

When someone is on the roof to hang Christmas lights or unclog gutters they can do some additional exterior inspection themselves, while maintaining careful safety measures. Inspect the roof for any places where shingles are cracked, torn, bald, or missing and look for loose material near chimneys, vents, or pipes. Signs of rot are serious concerns and can often result from improper drainage. Remember that it’s important to contact Mimm’s Roofing Services about roof replacement before a big problem develops. Their expert advice and skill will help you navigate the process and keep your home safe, covered, and dry.