Roof Maintenance After Wind and Storm Damage

Unfortunately for homeowners, damaging storms and gusty winds are an unavoidable part of life. While Mother Nature can unleash devastating turmoil on your entire home and surrounding property, your roof is likely to suffer the most extensive damage. The type of damage your roof may be susceptible to during and after a harsh storm include shingle blow off, hail damage, tree damage, water damage, and even weakening of the structure itself or roof collapse.

Take Preventative Measures

If you are aware of an impending storm or live in an area prone to damaging storms, there are a number of preventative measures you can take ahead of time to reduce the extent of damage.

1. Clean the Gutters

By ensuring that the gutters are clean and clear of all debris, you are less likely to experience leaking or water pooling on your roof.

2. Secure Loose Shingles

Over time, shingles can become loose. If you are aware of shingles that are loose, curled or otherwise damaged, be sure to repair or replace them ahead of time.

3. Trim Trees

Fallen trees and close branches can be destructive to your home in a major storm. To reduce the chances of a catastrophic collapse, remove unhealthy trees from your property. Likewise, regularly trim branches that are near or directly above your roof.

Assess Storm Damage

Even if you have taken preventative measures, weather can be unpredictable. After every storm, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect your home to spot any damage. Along with inspecting your roof for hail damage, leaks and missing shingles, it is also a good idea to check your attic. In some instances, your roof may have a leak that is only detectable after spotting water in the attic.

Repair Storm Damage

In the event that you notice damage to your roof as the result of a storm, it is wise to take photographs of the damage to submit to your home insurance company. In many cases, storm damage is covered under these policies and homeowners will be reimbursed for any charges incurred to make repairs. While you may be tempted to re-affix shingles or repair other damage as a do-it-yourself project, it is best to consult a professional. A professional roofer will be able to accurately determine the extent of the damage and remedy the situation safely and securely. By opting for an experienced roofer, you can be sure the damage will be properly repaired and that your roof retains its integrity for many years to come.

If your roof has been damaged due to gusty winds and harsh storms, contact Mimms Roofing and Water Restoration for a free quote today.