How to Recognize the Signs of a Damaged Roof

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Your roof does a great job of protecting your property from the elements, but it must be in perfect condition to do its job properly. Roofing problems can occur out of the blue or they can be the result of your roof naturally reaching the end of its useful life. Either way, you will need to take action in order to protect your property and prevent any damage from occurring. Leaks, wind damage and also visits from unwanted pests can all wreak havoc on your roof space.

The Damage You Can See

There are a number of roof problems that are obvious and which can be easily detected from the ground. These include:

Visible shingle damage — Shingle damage can occur for a number of reasons. General wear and tear is usually the most common culprit, but storm damage can also take its toll on shingles, causing them to buckle, break or fall off completely. Missing shingles could be a potential leak risk during rainy weather.

Sagging areas in your roof — If your roof has a visible sag, it could mean that the overall structure of your roof needs immediate attention. If your ceiling is also sagging, it could mean that some serious damage has occurred.

Leaks inside the home — If you have noticed wet stains or spots in your ceilings or down your walls, there is a very high chance that water is coming in through your roof. Water damage can often be much more expensive to repair than a small roof repair. A roof inspection from a professional will have the problem diagnosed and fixed in no time.

The Roof Damage That Might Not Be So Obvious

There are a number of common roofing problems that are not so obvious, and which could be causing damage to the internal structure of your roof. These problems include:

Hail damage — Damage from hail often goes unnoticed. It takes hailstones the size of golf balls to break through your roofing material. However, hail can damage your shingle without completely loosening or breaking the tile. The granules within your shingles loosen instead, exposing the asphalt below to the elements.

Wind damage — Strong winds can be cause sudden damage to your roof, which may not be noticeable from the ground. Ultimately, the first time you will notice damage has occurred is when it rains and you get a leak.

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