3 Wintertime Threats To Your Roof

  Winter brings more than shorter days and the holidays. It can also bring damaging weather like snow, sleet, and ice. If you want to protect your roof from the elements this winter, you need to know what to look out for. Check out these three common wintertime threats to your home’s roof. Ice, Snow, Sleet and Freezing Rain Tennessee can be an icy place in the winter. In … [Read more...]

Gutters Clogged? Your Home Could Suffer

The seasons are changing, which means chillier weather, scarves, cider...and tons of falling leaves.  It's a lovely time of year, but it also comes with a new to-do list. Keeping your gutters clear and clean is important . Clogged gutters can cause a ton of problems for your home and yard. What Damage Can Clogged Gutters Cause? You might assume that rain will wash away any leaves that land … [Read more...]

5 Winter Energy-Saving Tips

Winter can bring frigid temperatures even to those living in the supposedly sweltering South. In Clarksville, Tennessee, for instance, the average highs in the winter rarely climb above 50 degrees, while the lows drop below freezing. This can result in a huge waste of money for residents trying to stay warm, but with the following winter energy-saving tips, it's easy to keep money in your … [Read more...]

Top Three Reasons to Install Vapor Barriers in Crawl Space

Moisture in crawl spaces can cause a number of serious problems. Fortunately, it's easy to prevent moisture from accumulating by installing vapor barriers. Vapor barriers should be made of professional-grade products, not recycled materials. The thickness of a vapor barrier should be 6, 8, 10, 12 or 20. Higher vapor barriers lower the amount of moisture that gets through and is more resistant to … [Read more...]

5 Alarming Signs of Mold in Your Crawl Space

As its name suggests, a crawl space is a basement-type area in which there's no room to stand up. It might not have flooring, either; instead, the floor could be just dirt or soil. Even so, this part of your home can be very handy. You can store possessions there, and you can use it easily to reach pipes and electrical lines. At the same time, since they’re typically dark and moist, crawl … [Read more...]

Is Your Fireplace Ready for Winter?

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How to Prepare Your House for Fall

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Is Your Home Safe from Mold?

“You’ve got mold” is something that no homeowner ever wants to hear about their home. And homeowners have a good reason for cringing at the mention of mold because not only can it damage your home but it can be harmful to your health, while also impacting your finances.  However, there is good news! You can prevent mold from growing in your home. Mimms Roofing and Water Restoration in Clarksville, … [Read more...]

Get Those Gutters Clean

Clean my gutters! Why? While keeping your home's gutters clean is an important part of being able to keep up your home, we know it’s one of those things that you add to your spring and summer to-do list, but somehow still don’t get around to checking it off. Well, Mimms Roofing and Water Restoration in Clarksville, Tn would like to remind you why it is important for you to have your gutters … [Read more...]

Mimms Roofing Celebrates Home Safety Month

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injuries in the home? It seems we’re prone to tripping over clutter, the edge of rugs, the sleeping pet, even our own feet. If our home is to be our safe haven, then we must take precautions against falls and other injuries. Mimms Roofing celebrates Home Safety Month with these tips to protect from injuries in and around our homes. Avoid … [Read more...]