Benefits of TPO Roofing for Residential and Commercial Buildings

TPO Roofing

If your old roof is deteriorating or already leaking, you need to get roofing help immediately– you can’t afford to delay. Fortunately, you have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing your new roof. Instead of shingles, tiles or metal, you may want to choose TPO roofing.

TPO Facts

A TPO roof is an ethylene propylene rubber membrane that is attached to the roof in lieu of other, more traditional materials. This material was first manufactured over twenty years ago and has become a popular choice, particularly for energy-conscious consumers.

TPO roofs come in several colors–usually white, black and gray. A white TPO roof reflects the sun’s rays, making it an excellent choice for warm climates–it can offer the average homeowner significant savings on cooling bills. However, these roofs can cause heating bills to rise in colder climates because they do not allow a house to effectively retain heat from the sun in winter. So, a TPO roof makes good sense in Texas–but not so much in Minnesota.

Additional Benefits

TPO roofs are completely recyclable, and old ones may even end up as the bottom section of a new TPO roof. They do not contain dangerous chlorine ingredients, and they resist bacteria, algae, and everyday dirt and grime. Also, the membrane-like material gives with the wind and other weather conditions, meaning it is less likely to tear or be dislodged. Prices for a TPO roof installation compare favorably to other materials.


In addition to being less effective in warm climates, TPO roofs have a few other disadvantages. Experts say that light-colored roofs may collect more moisture than dark roofs, so the white and gray TPO roofs could be problematic in particularly humid climates. Also, TPO roofing is still a relatively new industry, so choosing your roofer is especially important. You need an expert in the field, one with a high customer service ranking.

To explore the advantages of a TPO roof, contact Mimms Roofing and Water Restoration Services. We can offer you advice on the best roof for your home or business, and give you accurate estimates for TPO and other quality roofing materials. Just remember that shingles and tile are not your only choice anymore. For many home and business owners, a new TPO roof saves money and provides attractive building protection.