Shingle Roof Repair


A shingled roof has layers to prevent water from gaining access to the wood underlayment and the living area of the house or building.  If there is a weak point in any of these layers it may allow water to gain entry to your building and cause additional damage.

Clarksville Shingle Roof Repair & Replacement Services

A shingled roof repair begins with a layer of felt paper being placed on the underlayment of the roof.  The underlayment may be plywood or press wood (OSB). Once the felt paper is placed on the wood, metal trim, commonly known as flashing, is placed in certain areas of the roof such as edges, peaks and valleys.

The next step in the shingle roof repair process is to install the actual shingles themselves. At Mimms Roofing in Clarksville we install only 30-year warranty Architectural Shingles with six nails per shingle. This is up to hurricane standards! Proper placement of nails and the depth of the nails is very important to ensure shingles resist wind. Cutting corners with fewer nails can lead to roof leaks and wind damage.

Proper ventilation is also very important with shingled roofing. A lack of ventilation can potentially decrease the life of your shingle roof up to 50 percent and will void your manufacturer’s warranty.

When collecting estimates from roofing contractors, be sure to find out about the type and quality of materials that are going to be used. There are several different grades of shingles on the market which will sometimes greatly influence the cost of a shingle roof repair or replacement.

Shingled Roof Maintenance

As with any part of owning a home, it’s very import to perform regular maintenance on your roof.  Below are some of the common things that should be done to maintain and get the most life out of your shingled roof:

– Removal of Debris – remove all debris including limbs, algae and moss that may be on your roof.  If ignored, left-over debris can quickly divert the flow of water and cause leaks in the roof.

– Flashing Inspection – make sure that your flashing isn’t bent or missing.

– Shingle Inspection – Are there any missing or damaged shingles?  Are any of your shingles curled, cracked or missing a lot of the granules that make up the composition of the shingle?

– Gutter Cleaning and Inspection – Gutter cleaning and maintenance is a very important part of roof maintenance because the gutters allow the water to be carried away from the house.  Gutters should be free of debris and not have standing water.  When cleaning the gutters, look closely for large amounts of fine gravel from your shingled roof.  If you see large amounts of gravel in your gutters it may be time for a roof replacement.

– Tree Trimming – It is very important to keep trees trimmed and away from the roof. Falling limbs can damage shingles by rubbing against them, causing them to lose their composition.  It’s also important because in very shady areas moss and mold are more likely to grow on your shingles.

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