Metal Roof Repair


Metal roofing lost its popularity for several years but has again returned as a very desirable roofing material for many reasons including durability, color variety and energy savings.

Clarksville Metal Roof Repair & Replacement Services

Metal Roofing installation requires either felt paper or a vapor barrier be installed between the wood sheathing and metal to prevent moisture from building up between the metal and wood.  This also creates an additional barrier that prevents water from reaching the wood and living area should there be a leak.  Flashing and metal trim is then installed around the perimeter of the roof and again in any peaks or valleys, as needed.

The final step is to install the actual metal, itself, on the roof. Typically, this is done with roofing screws that are specially made for metal roofing. There is also premium metal roofing which doesn’t have exposed nails which helps prevent leaks.

When discussing a metal roof repair estimate with a roofing contractor, be sure to understand the different grades of metal roofing available. Some metal is considered “seconds” which comes without a warranty, while other metals carry a lifetime warranty against corrosion or paint peeling.

Metal Roof Maintenance

– Debris Removal – Keep the roof free of any debris which may create a dam or divert water from flowing off the roof in the proper manner. Be sure to regularly remove any leaves or tree branches that accumulate on the roof or in the gutters.

– Stay Off The Roof – It is very important to keep foot traffic to a minimum on any roof, especially a metal roof. Walking on a metal roof will cause dents in the metal which will cause the water to pond and eventually ending in leaks.

– Inspection – It is very important to inspect the metal, shingles and flashing after any significant weather event to ensure there hasn’t been any damage to the metal, shingles, flashing, fasteners, sealants or gutters. It’s equally important to keep the gutters free of debris and any standing water.

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