3 Wintertime Threats To Your Roof



Winter brings more than shorter days and the holidays. It can also bring damaging weather like snow, sleet, and ice.

If you want to protect your roof from the elements this winter, you need to know what to look out for.

Check out these three common wintertime threats to your home’s roof.

Ice, Snow, Sleet and Freezing Rain

Tennessee can be an icy place in the winter. In fact, we had the worst ice storm in over 20 years in 2015.

Ice is a threat to pretty much everything…your home, electrical structures, the roads, trees, your car, you name it. An ice storm can have far-reaching affects on your entire property, and it’s important to be prepared.

One of the biggest issues with ice storms is the weight it adds to trees. A tree branch coated in ice is about 30% heavier than normal. This can lead to branches splitting off, tree trunks cracking and lots of damage to your yard and home.

Regular tree branch trimming and maintenance is important to ensure that no branches protrude into your roof, no matter the weather.

Damage from Holiday Decorations

A home that’s decorated for the holidays is a sight to behold. But if you’ve ever decorated a home’s exterior, you  know how dangerous climbing on a roof can be.

Aside from falling and hurting yourself, you can also cause serious and expensive roof damage if you aren’t careful.

For instance, if you staple holiday lights directly to your shingles, you create holes that can gather moisture and erode your roofing materials over time. Find other ways to secure your lights to your roof–you’ll be glad you did when the first heavy rain of spring arrives.

It’s also important to be careful when you take your decorations down. Yanking and tugging on lights that are fixed to your shingles can cause damage. It’s important to take your time when removing each strand of lights.

Strong Winds

Along with snow, sleet and rain, winter can bring some strong winds.

Strong winds can create pressure points on the edges and corners of your roof, weakening or even ripping off your shingles.

It’s important to get roof maintenance if you’re worried that the next winter storm might cause damage to your shingles.

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Your roof protects your home. Make sure you protect it!